Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Interaction Unit

Brief- All the documents that is needed to be produced with what the client wants on it.

Target audience (values and lifestyles)-style/form/tone        

Client-brief-me-The media product.

The brief: A route plan produced by your client.

Everything you need to know in order to produce the product for the client.

The product could be things such as ads, websites, posters, leaflets, video…etc.

Content of the brief

·      Target audience-Who are we talking to?

·      (Background information) The length of the ad or the size of the poster. Basically what you are making-Media product details.

·      Message-What is needed to be said to the audience?

We need to understand the values and beliefs of the target audience because then we can decide on what style, tone, and language to use, so that it can relate to the audience.

Their lifestyles need to be understood because everybody is different and you need to know if you are targeting specific types of people.