Tuesday, 18 November 2008



Katie Mok
Creative & Media Advanced

The following scenes should last 10mins each.

1st Scene
The audience walks into a scene at the market, with people talking really loudly, some will be talking about what they are selling, and what they want, pricing…etc.
That will continue for about 5 minutes and then the scene will freeze and the narrator would come on and talk about when this was taken place and what is happening. Afterwards the lights would die out and the audience would be led to the next scene.

2nd Scene
A few of the actors would be in the ‘shelter’ as soon as they go in there would be loud noises of the air raids and the people in the shelter would usher the audience in and tell them to be quiet. And they would all sit in the darkness with sounds of bombs going off etc. After the sounds stop their will be a narration about when this happened & what it was like. After the narration the audience will go into the next installation.

3rd Scene
The audience would be given ration books as soon as they walk into that section. They will be asked what they want by the people at the shop. And they will be told that there is none or if there’s just a limited amount of food, their ration tokens will be stamped after they collect the food. After this scene the audience will be guided to the next section.

4th Scene
Will be a more visual installation as there is faded music in the background while the audience listen to interviews from people who live locally nowadays. They will also see images of Bermondsey such as the river Thames, the Cold Stores that aren’t used & luxury apartments.

Handouts may be given out at the end of the installation so that the audience was clear about what they saw and what it was about.

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