Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Installation thinking

Blue Hat= Conclusions

White Hat= the Facts

Deals with facts and objectives

Black Hat= Negatives

Negative feelings but with a reason

Red Hat= Feelings

Passionate views about feelings

Yellow Hat= Positives

Positive ideas with a reason

Green Hat= Creative Ideas
Finding new ideas

  • Ideas: Theatre, Library, Classrooms
  • Black Hat- Not a good idea to use the library becuase not enough space, and people would be cramped, not a good idea because people might eat the food and not pay attention to the installation.
  • Red Hat- Felt it was a good idea to use the theatre, as it has a large space, and can do more things in it, felt not a good idea people would only be intersted in the food.
  • Yellow Hat- To use the theatre because of the overhead projecto, giving out free food to attract people.
  • Green Hat- Thought that using the library or a museum would be an idea.
  • Blue Hat- The theatre is a good idea, but the free food isn't.

Time of Installation

  • Ideas: Lunchtime, After college, During Lessons.
  • White Hat- Everybody has different times when it comes to lunch time.
  • Black Hat- People wouldn't give up their lunchtime to watch an installation.
  • Red Hat- Lunchtime is a good idea because in everybodys spare time.
  • Yellow Hat- it would work at lunch as that is the time when everybody is around.
  • Green Hat- After college as all the classes would be free.
  • Blue Hat- During lunchtime is the best time.

The rooms

  • White Hat- Have to think if some classrooms were going to be in use, and which ones we could use, maybe transfering from one room to another.
  • Black Hat- Switching rooms during the installation is not a good idea because people would get tired of moving, outside space wasn't a good idea because of technical difficulties and it being cold.
  • Red Hat- It could work if everything gets set up.
  • Yellow Hat- It would make make things different and interesting, to use differnet kind of installations for each group.
  • Green Hat- Instead of using the rooms, could use the outside space.
  • Blue Hat- The moving from one room to another is a good idea.

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