Friday, 17 October 2008

An abstract art of Bermondsey

Evaluation of an abstract art of Bermondsey

We went on a guided walk around Bermondsey and took sketches and rubbings of things we found interesting. The section we sketched/rubbed were only small so they are not accurate. I thought that it being accurate wasn't a problem as we just want to get an impression of the area and not a big description of what the area is like.

We tried to make rubbings on surfaces that showed a clear texture and shape, as not all surfaces appeared while the rubbings were being done.

I created an abstract piece of art of Bermondsey, As it shows sketches & rubbings I have made of the area. we then created a map of our journey. I made sure all the rubbings and sketches were placed edge to edge, we stuck it on to a large piece of sugar paper and trimmed it till there was no sugar paper showing. I think that the map is abstract because you can't tell what some of the sketches/rubbings are of. I traced the journey from a map we displayed on the overhead projector, but I traced the rest of the area that was on the map too. I decided that the map looked better if I didn't write the road names on the map and the sketches/rubbings were already distracting. I drew the roads with a black marker pen as it looks bold.

Our random selection makes it relate to the Boyle family as they select random things so they don't exclude a potential object.

Here are 5 facts I found out about the Boyle Family:

  • Are a family of collaborative artists in London.
  • Their best known work is 'Journey to the surface of the Earth'
  • Their aim is to make art that doesn't exckude any potential object.
  • They've been known as the Boyle Family since 1985
  • They create random selections to use as a piece of art.

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