Sunday, 12 October 2008

Map Evaluation


The reason I chose to write a description about the Bermondsey walk was because it made it seem more personal than if I had just made a list of how I felt at the time. This was the same reason why I chose to hand write it than type it out, then people can see that I actually took time to write it out, like a letter, my handwriting also makes it more personal. In my opinion the reason why people prefer something personal is that they can relate it to themselves or others around them.
We all made a different section of the map, choosing what colour the road should be from our personal taste. I think that doing this had a positive and negative effect, the positive was that it expresses everyone's different personalities but the negative part was that it didn't look neat and presentable. If we were to do it next time I think that we should all decide on what colours everyone should paint the road...etc.
I created two written pieces one about the walk along Wilson Grove, and the other one was about when I was at Bermondsey Wall . My second piece is quite different from the first one because the emotion changes from being not so enthusiastic to being interested.
I decided to place the piece I had written about the walk on Wilson Grove horizontally along the middle of that road on the map because it shows I felt and saw the things I had written whilst walking along.
Here is the piece about Wilson:
'The weather and day was just as gloomy as each other. The sky was light blue with a mixture of grey, after the downpour of rain, but light rain drops were still falling. I could feel the chilly breeze surrounding me as I walked down the wet grey concrete road on Wilson Grove. We walked down a couple of streets which were quite desserted as they were all houses, as maybe they had all gone to work at that time.'
This piece is about Bermondsey Wall:
'The sun was facing the River Thames at Bermondsey Wall and shining on my back, it felt warm and comforting. The river looked at ease, the waves rippling gently. As the noise of the cannon ball hits an old building a speed boat rushes by, the sound of the engine roaring, causing the water in the river to rush upwards. The sky is a krisp light blue, there aren't a lot of clouds as they are faded.'
During the walk we collected objects to place on the map, we weren't really accurate when placing them on there, in the future we should try to find the nearest place where we found it. Pictures were taken of the area such as all the road signs, and interesting things that we thought were relevant. The pictures that were stuck on the map weren't accurate, but that can be a good thing as not being accurate shows a creative side while being accurate is important as it is a map and should show where everything is accurately.

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