Sunday, 12 October 2008

Comparing my photos to a photographers work

Comparing my photos to a Photographers work

I took pictures around Bermondsey and I chose the picture I preferred out of the others and had to take a better photograph than the one I had done.

Here are the pictures:

This is the one I took before that I needed to re-take.
I like this picture as it shows St Saviours Wharf from a side angle, and you can see the road it leads down to. This photograph was taken by a camera phone with a 2.0 mega pixels camera. So I was unable to change things such as the aperture.
I like this photo because it's simple but things could of been changed for improvement.

This is the picture I re-took, I like this picture in a different way than the one I did before because I experimented with it, using a different angle and camera. I took this using a SLR camera, I decided to use a frame in this photo as it draws peoples attention towards the main image. From this angle it looks as if someone is looking at it from a street corner. The thing I don't like about it is that because I changed the aperture to make the exposure low, I couldn't capture what the texture of the brick wall. It looks a little too dark, but I think I would edit it to lighten it up so I can see it properly.

I did some research on photographs that were similar to my work, for my 1st picture I thought that this particular image was related to my work.

'Bridge' By Thaib Chaidar.

The way this picture is taken the perspective is similar because its from the left side, showing the structure of the object from the beginning, but not quite being able to see the end. With my picture the end of the road is exposed so there is no sense of mystery or depth to it. Whereas in this image it makes the audience believe the end is further than the eye can see, even though it seems as if the end of the bridge is being shown on the picture. The black and white makes the image look strong and old, as if the bridge has been there for a long time. In my opinion the real weather in this is looks manipulated as even a blue sky with lots of clouds would seem cloudy if a black and white effect was used. I like the contrast between the distinctive lines in the bridge structure and the simple surrounding, with the river and the cloudy looking sky.

By Eugenio Eugenio.

I thought that this picture relates to my second photograph because the dark motion blur of a person acts like a frame leading down the alleyway, in the same way the brick wall leads to the behind it. The tones in this picture look like a dream-like painting. There is a contrast between the left side of the image and the right, to the left the image is more blurred and out of focus but whereas the right is clear.

This photograph seems like it was taken maybe by purpose or by accident, but it actually works well. The perspective of which this picture is taken is as if the photographer is walking down the alley. This image makes it seem mysterious as the alley bends and the audience doesn't know where it leads to or how long it is.

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this too will pass said...

the second picture is much more interesting; the lines of perspective are better too